Why is the sliding door opener so popular

更新: 2022/01/05

With the rapid development of national economy and the improvement of urban construction, the sliding door opener can be seen more and more everywhere in buildings, hotels, hotels, banks and office buildings. Moreover, people are very concerned about the good cost performance of the sliding door opener. It can be seen that it is very hot in the market. So why is the sliding door opener popular? Xiaobian thinks that the main reasons are as follows:

Why is the sliding door opener so popular

1. High degree of intelligence

Generally, the translational door opener with good quality and service adopts intelligent planning and has intelligent control system. Therefore, the translational door opener can set the operation speed of the door leaf and the half open condition at will, which is very convenient and simple to adjust. In addition, the gantry crane also has a self-learning function, which can actively detect the weight and width of the door, and make the door adhere to the ideal operation condition according to the detection results.

2. High security

Generally, professional sliding door openers are equipped with active rotation safety equipment. When encountering obstacles or abnormal conditions such as human body, the equipment will make the door leaf rotate and push out actively, and travel at a safe speed when approaching the resistance area next time, which can effectively prevent people from being caught or parts from being damaged. Moreover, the opening of the sliding door opener is very light and convenient. Even in case of power failure and other emergencies, it can open and close freely without harming pedestrians.

3. Strong reliability

The reliable sliding door opener generally uses DC brushless motor, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, power saving, high torque, high speed and no heating in continuous operation. Together, the translational gantry crane driven by DC brushless motor can cooperate with T-shaped rack synchronous belt to make the operation of the door body from low speed to high speed more quiet. And the translational gantry crane adopts high-function power input, which can realize full active voltage stabilization no matter how large the voltage swing is.

To sum up, the translational door opener is so popular because it has the advantages of high intelligence, high security and strong reliability. In addition, the sliding door opener also has the characteristics of simple installation and protection, which makes its construction much less difficult than other products of the same type. In addition, in order to ensure that the translational gantry crane can give full play to its functional advantages in the process of people's use, the operator must operate in strict accordance with the regulations and specifications.

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