What are the operation modes of door openers in industrial plants

更新: 2022/01/05

With the development of economy, more and more modern industrial plants have brought about the rapid development of industrial door industry. According to the different on-site environment of industrial plants and the requirements of industrial users, the operation modes used in the installation of industrial doors are also very different. Here, let's talk about the common operation modes of door openers in industrial plants?

1. Vertical lifting type: the industrial door makes the whole door body run vertically upward along the track through the guide rails on both sides to open the door body. When the whole door body runs down to the bottom, the industrial door will be closed. This is the vertical lifting type. This kind of industrial door is generally called industrial vertical lifting door, which is applicable to factories and workshops where the upper space of the plant is greater than or equal to the height of the door opening.

2. Lifting turning type: when the upper height of the plant is lower than the height of the door opening, the door leaf of the industrial door will run vertically upward through the guide rail for a period, and then turn laterally and run along the ceiling, so as to keep the door fully open. When closing, it runs along the ceiling first, and then turns down vertically along the track until the door body is completely closed. According to this operation mode, we usually call it industrial lifting turning door.

3. Push pull type when the space above the industrial door is insufficient to install the industrial lifting door, a new operation mode of pushing and pulling to the left and right was born, which is the industrial sliding door. By using the guide rail and transmission system at the upper and lower parts of the door opening, the door body can be fully opened, the two door leaves run to the left and right respectively, and the closing is realized when the two door leaves are fully fitted. 13701278608 Beijing Navis Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional technology company specializing in the wholesale, warehousing and distribution, technical service, installation guidance, after-sales service and after-sales maintenance of nice door openers, window machines and gate products.

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