Sliding door openerSJJ161821

Product Name: Sliding door openerSJJ161821

Category: Sliding door opener

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Product introduction:

1. It contains overheating protector. When the motor temperature reaches the rated value, it will automatically cut off the power to protect the motor.

2. The gear is protected by end cover, which is more safe and reliable.

3. The turbine and worm rotate smoothly.

4. AC 230V, 800kg fast translation gantry crane, speed up to 19m / min.

5. The installation is convenient. In case of power failure, the clutch can be opened and the door can be opened manually.


Sliding door openerSJJ161821 Details

technical parameter
Power SupplyAC 230V 50Hz(AC 120V 60Hz)AC 230V 50Hz(AC 120V 60Hz)AC 230V 50Hz(AC 120V 60Hz)
Maximum door weight500 KG800 KG1000 KG
motor speed1400r/min1400r/min1400r/min
Gate speed12 m/min12 m/min12 m/min
Limit switchSpring / magnetic (N.O. / N.C.)Spring / magnetic (N.O. / N.C.)Spring / magnetic (N.O. / N.C.)
Noise≤ 56 Decibel≤ 56 Decibel≤ 56 Decibel
working temperature-40℃- +65℃-40℃- +65℃-40℃- +65℃
Degree of protectionIP44IP44IP44


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